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The CLT’s Cederberg Caracal Project is one of the few caracal studies in the world and will provide the first ever information on the population size, home range and habitat preferences of these elusive cats in the Cederberg Mountains.  It is also one of the rare study looking at the relationship between caracals and another feline: the Cape leopard. This information will play a critical role in guiding efforts to conserve and manage these wild cats populations. The active support and involvement of private landowners and the general public are vital to the success of this project.

Financial support and sponsorships

The Cape Leopard Trust (on which the Cederberg Caracal Project relies for funding) is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) and thus, relies on research grants, sponsorships and private donations for funding. Any donation of any amount, no matter how small, are very welcome and much needed. Donations made to the Cape Leopard Trust are tax-deductible.

If you want to make a donation to the Cederberg Caracal Project, use the banking details below:

CLT’s Cederberg Caracal Project banking details:

Account name: The Cape Leopard Trust

Bank: First National Bank

Branch: Long Beach Mall

Branch #: 260300

Account #: 62253016242


Account type: Current account

Equipment sponsorships

Feline research is extremely expensive, as it requires highly specialized equipment, much of which is only produced overseas. For example, in order to minimize the stress to any cats captured, we use the lightest possible collars, which we import from Europe. While these are expensive, we feel strongly that it is worth paying the extra money to avoid causing collared cats any more stress than is strictly necessary.

At present, we are seeking funding for:

Item Details Cost (rands/euros)  Source
5 GPS collars for caracals Sirtrack R 103 859/€ 10 000 Sirtrack
10 Remote cameras Cuddeback model Attack R 30 000/€ 2 888 Cuddeback Digital
1 VHF receiver Communications Specialist R-1000 R 8 000/€ 770
High Power LED torch  Ledlenser 1200 lumen R 2 600/€ 250
Diesel 300 liters per month R 3 300 / € 318  per month

Access to private land and accommodation

We rely on the support and participation of private landowners and members of the public. If you own land in the Cederberg area, or can sponsor accommodation for some time (which will avoid me to drive huge amounts of kilometers to monitor the traps and the collared cats), please, contact me at:

Share observations of caracal/leopard activity

I welcome any reports on caracal or leopard sightings or observations of spoor, scats or scratch marks. These will assist me in identifying sites for capture/camera traps. If possible, the GPS coordinates of the location of the observations in the area can be reported to

Spread support and awareness

Leopards and caracals, as well as the whole Cederberg ecosystem, are part of our world’s wonders. We have to ensure their future, not only for our children to be able to see them, but also for what they represent: wild animals in the wilderness of Africa. The Cederberg Caracal Project was initiated to further our knowledge about caracals ecology, to better understand their relationship with leopards and people, but the project also wants to raise awareness about this beautiful ecosystem and its conservation. So please spread the word!

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