A glimpse of the Cederberg biodiversity

Of course it is not the Kruger NP, nor the Serengeti, but the Cederberg Mountains have some beautiful (and sometimes uncommon) wildlife to offer to those who know where to look. Patience will be your best asset. Here are some pictures I took of some of the Cederberg wildlife. Enjoy and have a beautiful week-end!

African wildcat – Felis sylvestris

dassie/rock hyrax – Procavia capensis

baboon – Papio ursinus

eland – Taurotragus oryx

oryx/gemsbok – Oryx gazella

armadillo girdled lizard – Cordylus cataphractus

spotted eagle-owl – Bubo africanus

southern double-collared sunbird – Cinnyris chalybeus

malachite sunbird – Nectarinia famosa

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6 thoughts on “A glimpse of the Cederberg biodiversity

  1. Elephant's Eye

    We once saw an African wildcat. A blur of movement disappearing into the grass. I’m awed that you caught a photo.

  2. Alex

    Beautiful pictures! I love the sunbirds

  3. Jurg

    Outstanding photographs! Knowing how difficult it is to see wildlife in the Cederberg, even in the distance, you have done a wonderful job, Marine. Just one animal is missing in your gallery: guess which?

    • Hi Jurg,

      Thank you. Many animals are missing, especially the caracal and the leopard but I keep them for later 😉
      I’d like to take pictures of a porcupine, aardvark, aardwolf, bat-eared fox… I’ll keep working on it!

  4. Jacques Tournel

    Bravo pour tes prises de vues.
    J’aime bien les lumières…

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