Beautiful Cederberg

Hi guys,

The Cederberg Mountains are extremely scenic and I thought I would share with you some of the landscape pictures I took while doing fieldwork here. The colors and the forms of the rocks are ever-changing with the light, taking the shape of animals or people. Stadsaal caves and rock art, the Maltese Cross, Lot se Vrou and the cedar trees… There are plenty of things to discover! When are you coming to visit?

Have a great week-end!

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8 thoughts on “Beautiful Cederberg

  1. Elephant's Eye

    On your picture, I can see the woman, in Lot-se-Vrou

    • Marine

      Yes, it’s very obvious! It’s crazy how the rocks can take weird shapes here!

      • Elephant's Eye

        Do you see any flourishing Clanwilliam cedar trees? Have just read that global warming is killing off the trees that gave the Cederberg their name.

  2. Marine

    Hi! Yes, I saw some but not that many for the reason you stated. I saw lots of them dead.

  3. Fantastic pictures, Marine. For me, the rock formations in the Cederberg are the best on the planet. There is a dinosaur, there is an organ, there is an elephant, there is a tortoise, … and it just goes on and one.

  4. Jurg

    Great pictures, Marine! Did you take them with your GoPro?

    • Hi Jurg!

      Thanks. No, I took them with my Nikon. I use the GoPro for the video only. I hope you’re feeling better and eating a lot of butternut soup 😉

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