All things come to those who wait…

Hello folks,

We are having rain in the Cederberg at the moment and the temperatures are cooler. So when I went out this morning to check out one of my trap, I was hoping the rain would bring me some caracals… I checked the signal for one of my cage and heard that it had been triggered! I rushed along to see if there was something in the trap. And yes, from far away, I could see something moving, with big ears… But when I arrived to the cage, I discovered it was only a scrub hare! After checking if he was fine, I released him. I was a bit disappointed I must say.

Trapping in general, and in the Cederberg in particular is not an easy task. But with patience, we manage to get what we’re here for. Megan, from the Black Eagle Project is a good example. She has been working very hard for the last few weeks to try to capture an eagle. She invited Victor, a raptor specialist from Spain, to come over to help her. They spent long hours in the field under a hide, no matter the weather: hard sun or cold rain and wind. And two days ago, they finally managed to catch a beautiful black eagle. If you want to know more about this exciting event, go and have a look at the project’s facebook page:

Megan with the black eagle the team caught in the Cederberg Mountains two days ago.

As for me, I’ll just keep setting up more traps. See what way the cat jumps!

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6 thoughts on “All things come to those who wait…

  1. Elephant's Eye

    Wonderful picture! Shared this post on Google Plus to reach a different audience.

  2. Jurg

    Hi Marine, what a photo of Megan with her eagle, did you take it? Congrats on your hare, you are now halfway to your caracal!!! At least you had the thrill of listening to the fast beep of a capture. Just a matter of time till we see a photo of you and a caracal. Good luck! Jurg.

    • Marine

      Hi Jurg! Yes I took the picture, they’re beautiful, aren’t they? Did you see my new post? We caught a caracal, two even! I hope you’ll be here next time because I can tell you they are wonderful animals (even if you care just about leopards ;-p).

      • Jurg

        Hi Marine, Wonderful! As the old saying goes: rather a caracal on the arm than a leopard in the bush. That is exactly the picture I was waiting for, just didn’t expect it so soon. Congratulations! You must be over the moon. Phew, that puts a lot of pressure on us to catch a leopard, soon. I will come up on the 19th trying to help to restore our now shattered reputation. Regards, Jurg.

      • Cool Jurg, I’ll see you then.
        We spent the whole afternoon putting baits and re-setting the traps in the Driehoek area with Quinton and jenny (the volunteer vet). These cats are going to have a feast! They better come because it’s a lot of work.
        See you on the 19th!

  3. Dawie

    All things come to those who wait…Indeed!!

    Congratz on your first Carcacal capture! Meg”s Braai always end up with a Capture haha…

    Nice work done


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